Sunday, July 3, 2011

I was Obese when obesity wasn't cool

Thanks for stopping by. I feel like I should offer a little history on myself and perhaps it will offer some understanding of why seeing to it that my children are happy and healthy. So stick with me, I will try to make this a short sob story and then when can move on.....

I would like to apologize for my lack of knowing ANYTHING about blogging. This whole experience is a learning process. I also have the sweet background noise of Wonder Pets and a 3 year old saying "what are you doing, Mommy?"

Goal of this blogging experience: To create a dialogue of ideas for nutritious meal/snack ideas for my children (3 1/2 and 9m) customized for a working mom. Really just overall health and wellness topics. Exercise , vitamins and supplements, maybe even some behavior issues along the way. Josh isn't usually an issue, but something tells me sweet Caroline is going to give us a run!!

History on Joshua and Caroline's mom (Edie Walker-Chavira): As the title says, I was obese when obese wasn't cool. In other words, there was no real issues with childhood obesity in my growing up years. I was it. In my day, being fat was one of the last socially acceptable discriminations. What I mean by that is, not only was I ridiculed by my peers from the time I hit Frank Borman Elementary, but also by teachers and other adults. I had nowhere to turn. All I could do was eventually submit and try to convince myself that I really am intended to just be a target. That indeed I am defective. This is something I brought on myself. If was so upset about it, then what didn't I just do something about it. Don't misunderstand, I had a great bunch of friends. Had some really great experiences. My parents were wonderful. I never knew I was any different than anyone else until I started school and the kids and teachers were more than happy to tell me. My parents instilled enough self esteem that I always wanted to try something new and usually found myself the center of attention. I was always the funniest, always the peacemaker. But everyday I walked outside my home it was a war zone. Who was going to say something ugly? Was I going to have to be weighed in front of everybody for some P.E. thing or some science project? Would some jack ass boy be relentless through an entire biology class to the point I couldn't even concentrate in class so then I made some crappy grade? The stress in my stomach must have lasted until I was 33 years old. I'm not really sorry it happened now. I have amazing friends that have been with me since high school, some even longer. I married a beautiful Marine who is a wonderful husband and provider. He is a father to beat all fathers. he inspires me everyday to be a better mom. And he loves ME. I don't wish revenge on anyone. I hear alot of those people (and you know who you are) ended up in rehab or whacked out on drugs or on their 3rd marriage and/or bald and pushing 300lbs. Or have 4 kids they can't take care of. Karma takes care of itself. Although I will share this...There was a "guy" in my Geometry class that was just relentless. THe teacher was too old and burt out to care. the guy was awful. he fancied himself quite the ladies man. Years ago when I was working at the hospital in XRAY while i was still in college, this boy comes in, the joke in the ER, seems he was "wrestling" on a waterbed with another GUY and dislocated his shoulder. Sounds painful. They wheeled him over huffing and puffing in pain. I didn't recognize his name, he's not important enough for that so I was feeling sorry for him. That shit hurts! But oh boy! I recognized his face and BOY OH BOY DID HE RECOGNIZE ME!! Let me tell you, that "man" started crying like a little girl. Even got about 12 apologies. i would have never intentionally inflicted any harm to him, even though he very intentionally inflicted harm on me everyday. So I will admit, I did take a moment of observation....observing how karma can come back to bite you in the ass!! I realize these were just kids doing what I'm sure they were taught by their parents. They have no power over me. I could not be happier. Saying something as simple as "you don't want to eat that cake, it will make you FAT" BAM! right have made in personal. The idea is to be healthy, right? Thats where we are going with this. I know this, I ate the same things my brother and sister did, in fact, probably less once my mom strarted worrying, but they were skinny. How much of this is genetics? Part of what I want to hear opinions about and research.

For Joshua and Caroline: I do not wish for them to NEVER eat a piece of birthday cake or enjoy something southern and yummy and at the grandparent's house. But I do need them to make healthy choices for everyday living. And I have to be able to provide them without going insane in the process. The moment I step in from work with the kids is the most chaotic. Josh needs snacks, Cici needs to eat. They need baths, hugs, diapers, to be played with. Oh yeah, then there is mommy and daddy and what are we going to eat. Spend time together? HA!
They will be required to play some kind of sport or something active. There will be no choice there. They have to move. I wasn't sedentary as a child but I will not invite that lifestyle into the Chavira household.

I think that is about it for the summary of me and the my goal. I look foward to learning new things about my family and yours!

Here's to happy healthy children!


  1. Yay on your new blog! There are plenty of sites available with lots of tips, tricks, and healthy ideas for working moms. Let me know if you want me to send you a few of my faves. =)

  2. yes send me some. that all part of the issue. Finding time to do it. I know as Cici gets older it will get easier. This has been a good hobby for me as well.