Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am definatly lacking some skills....

Ok, so here is the whole stupid reason for this blog! I failed miserably! I haven't even had time to do a diary! First, I get beat like a rented goat at work, then home and everyone is STAAAARVING and about to perish from the Earth. So Cici ate 4, yes 4 chicken nuggets and a bunch of green beans. Josh ate a grilled chicken and cheese quesadilla and some fresh tomato. Both of them ate good. Then it was bath time. Then it was play time. Oh yeah, Frank and I need to eat. Im so exhausted. So not only do I have a food diary to report, but I have not completed any of my chores. And the house cleaning fairies are no longer visiting. How do you maintain a clean house and feed and clean and play with your children? God forbid, time with your spouse? sigh

Academic check...Does anyone have any good resources on how to teach your child to read. Josh is already recognizing several site words. So I get some flashcards and become quickly aware that this is why I'm a sonographer and not a teacher. How do you sound out the word "train" ?

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  1. from Terry:
    Each letter makes a sound. Can I get a "woo woo". Our kids love the Leapfrog Learning videos. They are well done and won't drive you nuts like Yo Gabba Gabba...break it down! Really, try searching on Amazon for The Letter Factory or The Word Factory. You could probably check them out from the library to preview them.