Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tofu and father/child bonding

Ok, so last week was an epic fail as far as my goals set! no surprise there. SO maybe I won't even bother this week.

But I personally am going to strive to eat very little processed food. That should not be difficult when fruit and veggies are at their best! But I did purchase some tofu. I would like for my first cooking experience to be a good one so if anyone has any good tofu recipes that would be much appreciated!!

Tonights topic....This kind of came up with another friend of mine on FB. Thanks for the idea, Mary. We all know there is a power and biological bond between mother and child. But what about father and child? the ability to bond? of course. biological...I believe so down to my very core. Would love to hear thoughts from other mommys and daddys.

SO in for tofu
thoughts on father/child bonding

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  1. I believe we all father's and mother's build our own familial bonds with our children whether biological or not! I myself have raised some of both and I have LABORED with both my biological and my one that was a chosen gift from God to me. I have also watched my hubby and his bond that grew with each child as we raised them. TIME SPENT with them is what is needed and will always be cherished by your children and their FATHER. An over abundance of Hugs, Smiles, Cuddles, Swats if needed as they grow -- basic attention to them. That is the gift that grows bonds between Mother's and children and Fathers and Children.. I have seen it with my own eyes P.S. It can also be passed on to your GRANDCHILDREN when they arrive. TOFU -- I got NOTHIN :-)
    Love you lots your friend Vicki