Monday, July 4, 2011

food diary...

We have been off for the last week. Tomorrow we start back to our routine. I will hit the floor running at work and will be completely exhausted by the end of the day. But alas, the babies will need to eat. Josh will no doubt as for grapes and cheese first rattle out of the box. While he loves grapes, they are merely a garnish to the cheese. I am certain, that if left alone with a one pound block of cheese, he would make a quick disappearance of it. He may look like a snake that just swallowed a rabbit, but would have the same satisfied look on his face.

I have never been a goal oriented person per se but no time like the present to learn.

Goal for the week.....
Come up with 5 new kid friendly recipes
Cook 2 of those kid friendly recipes.
share the recipes on my blog
tackle one chore an evening.

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