Monday, July 11, 2011

crazy hat lady

Boy do I wear a lot of hats! In no certain order...

1. Sonographer hat...This particular hat is very no-nonsense, practical if you will. It stays out of my face so that my vision is clear. Stain resistant. Although I can't imagine how my hat would get stained. Given that this a proverbial hat I guess it doesn't matter. It has no bows no accesories, purely functional. It gives a gentle and calming impression to my patients.

2. Friend hat...Very colorful, very playful. Nothing like what Beatrice wore to the royal wedding. Perhaps something that has several parts to it for nights out with the girls. Fun and crazy. But can be pinned back and toned down when I have a friend in need.

3. Daughter hat...this hat is a beautiful shade of a light dusty pink with perhaps a cream colored flower pinned to the side. kinitted by loving hands. This hat keeps tools in it that allows me to help when I can but is child like in type and color to remind me that sometimes I feel like the parent, I am really their baby girl.

4. Wife hat...This hat is a deep scarlet read. it is pinned at an angle on my head, Giving a dramatic look that enhances the look of m eyes. This reminds me of the love and passion I have for my husband. It has an amazing ability to transform itself into a hat much like my sonographer hat. Very practical and calm and ready to take care of him or help out in any way.

5. my favorite...the MOMMY hat...Upon first glance, it looks much like a prayer kapp. (the caps the Amish wear) this is to remind us of the conservative and chirstian way I want to lead my children too. But upon further investigation this hat can morph in to many other hats at a moment's notice. There is ever kind of tool available. toy fixing, dinner finxing, fever fixing...etc. I'm sure my hat will continue to grow and I will learn new ways to use it.

It occurs to me that I wear so many different hats in a day. Its easy to lose your personal identity. My favorite part of myself is being Frank's wife and Josh and Caroline's mom. But somewhere in there, there is Edie...just plain ol' Edie. There is also Frank and Edie. These are 2 identities that don't get enough attention. I think we have found a babysitter and maybe that will give us some re-coop time. Just a a couple of hours to take my hat off and let my hair down!

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